... created to help you design and implement your own home education curriculum. The EPIC learning cycle ensures your children develop their creativity, ingenuity and love of learning.  

We also provide home schooling parents, professional educational support and resources to support you as you educate your children.

Planning with the E.. P.. I.. C.. (EPIC) cycle of learning is simple, yet effective. Your children's creative and higher-order thinking skills, essential knowledge and skills are all developed. Children are able to use the learning style that suits them best - great for active learners, who need to touch, move and do in order to learn.

The Parent Planner and Records book uses the EPIC Learning cycle to make it easy for you to write your own thematic home school program. The Australian series also also makes linking to State and Australian curriculum automatic. Planning this way, your home school program will be both flexible and structured, and bring meaning and depth to your children's learning. Whatever you plan can also be combined with other home school programs you're already using.  

The EPIC learning cycle and planning guide is easy to use. Whether you have one child or a tribe of children, you can plan a comprehensive educational program to cater for them all.

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 EPIC Learning:


  • helps you develop creative educational programs
  • simplifies planning and recording
  • keeps you organised and purposeful
  • develops high-order thinking skills and creativity in your children  
  • integrates learning areas  
  • provides exciting and meaningful learning  
  • helps you effectively communicate with government officials
  • brings learning back to life!


Learning to read and spell is easier that you think!

Have you every heard that the English language is difficult to learn? Many people believe this to be true however, English is actually one of the easiest languages to learn.

Teaching children to read and spell is also easy. However, many spelling and reading programs make it seem so difficult.

Over the 35+ years I have taught children, I have found an extremely simple and successful way to teach children to read and spell. This method enables children to read very quickly. Forget having to read 'basal readers'... children can go straight to the library!


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